The Blue One (Dry Hair)

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The Blue One (Dry Hair)


Our dry hair shampoo bar is specially formulated to be kind to dry hair. It provides the same gentle cleansing as the others in the range and we’ve added a special moisturising ingredient, plus dry hair- nourishing juniper berry, cedar wood and geranium essential oils.

Allergens (occurring naturally in the essential oils): Citronellol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool

Shampoo bars are generally made to order and are available for dispatch within 48-72 hours.



Introducing our new range of Savonnerie Daniel shampoo bars, with variants for normal, oily and dry hair, and one especially for sensitive scalps! Made with essential oils and botanicals to suit your hair type, we hope you’ll reach for these again and again as a plastic-free alternative to your usual bottle of shampoo.

Savonnerie Daniel shampoo bars are gentle, gorgeously fragranced and colourful, and ideal for everyday use. While we can’t guarantee exactly how many uses you’ll get out of a bar (it depends how liberally you lather!), if you drain it off after each use and guard against it going soggy, one shampoo bar should generally last you as long as a 300 ml bottle.

Like our soaps, all our shampoo bars are palm oil-free. The vibrant colours in this range come from mica powders, sourced from a supplier that ticks all our ethical boxes.

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