A New Soap Experience

Had enough of off-the-shelf mass-market soaps that leave your senses underwhelmed and your skin feeling dry and neglected? At Savonnerie Daniel, we used to feel the same way… until we came up with the perfect solution.

Turn your everyday washing experience into a sublime treat with our beautiful eco- and vegan-friendly artisan soaps and scrub bars, crafted right here in Yorkshire. All made with natural oils and butters for added skin care, and designed to cleanse, nourish and hydrate.

Give each day an uplifting and soothing start – and end – as our gentle, fragrant soaps release their essential oils and wash your troubles away. Transform each daily cleansing ritual into an act of loving care, amid a swirl of scents, from bold, warm orange and patchouli to summery lavender and lemons and from cooling mint to spicy frankincense and ginger.

As the largest organ in your body – where outer and inner worlds meet – your skin deserves to be pampered. Reconnect with yourself, and the beauty within, with Savonnerie Daniel.

And there’s more…

Savonnerie Daniel’s environmentally friendly approach extends beyond our soaps. Locally produced, using sustainable packaging, and made with the love and care that only true artisans provide, our soaps evoke a smaller, friendlier world. And with part of the proceeds going to two of the charities dearest to our hearts: Reuben’s Retreat and Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice, they also serve as a daily reminder of community spirit.

Be kind to your skin and to the world around you with soap from Savonnerie Daniel.

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How It All Began

Ask Zoe Beal about the soaps she remembers from her childhood, and she’ll tell you how characterless they were, how dry on the skin. By contrast, her joy at occasionally stumbling across quality artisanal products later in life served as a reminder that an alternative was possible. For a long time, though, these impressions, both positive and negative, were stored in a drawer marked “pending”.

Years passed, but then Zoe came across a course at Huddersfield’s Soap School, run by a local couple. She was so captivated by the chemistry of cold process soap-making (known as “saponification”) that she began to experiment at home, making soap as gifts for family and friends.

Their feedback on the skin feel, fragrance, and the packaging and clear labelling of the products was so positive that the idea of selling the soap took hold.

Over time, this developed into a business plan, and in a moment of inspiration, Zoe’s husband Dave came up with the name Savonnerie Daniel, in honour of a lovely young man who left the world too soon.

An offer of free business coaching from the local charity Reuben’s Retreat was all it took to provide the final impetus. Zoe and Dave got down to work, learning, researching, experimenting and manufacturing at home in Huddersfield.

Savonnerie Daniel has since grown into a flourishing cottage industry that aims to protect the environment and serve customers far and wide, offering them the simple and rejuvenating pleasure of beautifully made soap.

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